Winter Tree Trimming

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As Old Man Winter sets in you may not want to think about anything outdoors, but winter is the best time of year for trimming trees. Routine tree trimming is important for trees, both young and old. Trimming can improve trees appearances, reduce potential hazards, and allow them to fit their location without conflicting with roofs, pedestrians, and vehicles.

3Benefits of Winter Tree Trimming
  • In winter, trees are dormant and stored energy is in the root. Pruning at this time minimizes the amount of energy removed from a tree.
  • The entire structure of deciduous trees is visible without leaves and this makes structural problems more obvious. Increased visibility allows pruning decisions to be made both efficiently and effectively.
  • Tree buds are swollen in preparation for spring, which allows for easy identification of dead branches.
  • Tree pests and diseases are inactive, eliminating any concerns of transmission to fresh pruning cuts.
  • Winter is the only safe period to prune oak and elm trees because lethal diseases such as oak wilt and Dutch elm disease are not actively transmitted at this time.
  • Frozen ground and snow cover reduce the impact that tree work can have on your lawn.
Licensed and Insured Tree Trimmers

Tree trimming involves many important permanent decisions including which limbs to remove, how cuts are made, and dangerous technical procedures. Tree trimming should be left in the hands of Certified Arborists and highly skilled climbers. Mike’s Tree Company has four Certified Arborists and over 85 years of combined climbing experience. We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your tree trimming needs.


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