We take pride in being a leader in tree health care in the Brainerd Lakes area. It is our mission to educate people on proper tree care practices to ensure the life and vitality of area trees. Let us help you promote the overall health of your trees.


Our team specializes in diagnosing your trees for various diseases and insects. Mike’s Tree Doctors are Certified Arborists and the most knowledgeable tree care experts in the area. Signs of poor tree health can be spotted in all aspects of the tree, including the leaves, branches, bark, root crown and roots. If your tree looks sick or you would like more information about caring for your trees, feel free to contact us!

Insect and Disease Diagnosis

Our Tree Doctors are educated and experienced in diagnosing tree problems and offering treatment plans for the insects and diseases that affect your trees. It is important that potential problems are identified and plans are created to protect your trees before irreversible damage is done.


Landscape Evaluations

Landscape evaluations are intended to provide the basic information about trees and shrubs in your landscape including: species, location, condition, size, and maintenance requirements. Using this information, a tree and shrub management plan can be developed to fit with your budget.

Tree Injections

Tree injections are used to protect trees from damaging insects and diseases. Tree injections are directed into the base of trees, just beneath the bark. Most tree injections occur May through September in Minnesota because leaves must be on the trees for most injections to work properly.

Tree Fertilization

Fertilizing trees with low nutrition can increase their resistance from damaging insects, diseases, and other environmental stresses. We utilize a deep root injection probe that directs nutrients below competing grass roots and into the root zones of tree, about 6-8 inches below the soil line…. Learn More


Structural Pruning

Structural pruning of young trees is the most proactive maintenance practice for the future of mature trees. Structural pruning is a training process that improves tree structure over time and decreases the risk of branch failure due to wind and snow later on….Learn More

Tree Cabling and Support Systems

Cable and brace support systems are installed in trees to provide extra support by limiting the movement of weak branches, so they are less likely to fail during storms and extend their life. Cable and brace support systems should only be installed after a thorough inspection by a Certified Arborist…. Learn More

Tree Risk Assessments

Trees are considered a hazardous risk when a structural defect has the potential to fail and cause personal injury or property damage. Identification and correction of structural defects to reduce this risk is the purpose of a tree risk assessment…. Learn More

Tree Preservation Plans

Construction damage is one of the most common causes of tree death and decline. It is important to get a Certified Arborist involved early in the planning stages in order to protect your tree’s stems and root zones from potentially fatal damage during construction projects.



Trust The Tree Doctors of Brainerd, Minnesota

  • We have diseased trees. There professional arborist came, diagnosed them and and provided a treatment plan for free. They'll come this coming spring.

    Alan Marshall Mike's Tree Company customer
  • Mike's Tree Company did clean up very fast and very clean. They also sprayed my trees, again great service. Prices are also reasonable.

    Richard Clement Mike's Tree Company customer
  • This is an extremely well ran company. They have high standards in service and safety.

    Seth Falk Mike's Tree Company customer
  • If your looking for true professionals, the guys at Mike's Tree Company are known for there experience, knowledge, and ability to provide proper and quality tree care needs!

    Ben Westlund Mike's Tree Company customer
  • We highly recommend Mikes Tree Company !! The service was amazing and all of the employees are top notch. They are the best do not waste your time calling anyone else. The prices were fantastic for the service they provided. They have the best equipment and experience to handle the project. Thanks Mikes for taking such great care of us.

    Tracy Karlson Mike's Tree Company customer
  • They are prompt, professional and went way above and beyond. I would not only use them again, but I will recommend them to anyone who is looking for tree service.

    Leslie Kane Mike's Tree Company customer

Call (218) 825-8207 or email info@mikestreecompany.com for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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