Besides tree and shrub maintenance, Mike’s Tree Company processes its wood waste into premium shredded landscape mulch. By recycling our wood waste, we are reducing the amount of wood waste normally burned or sent to a landfill.


Mike’s Mulch is available in an assortment of colors that we process and color ourselves.

Premium Shredded Mulch

We offer a variety of soils and mulches for your garden. Explore our products for your landscaping needs.

Delivery or Pickup

We can deliver the mulch directly to you or you can stop by our office and pick it up yourself.

Wholesale and Retail Pricing

Whether you are looking for one yard of mulch to spread around your garden or 100 yards for resale at your garden center, we have both wholesale and retail pricing options available.

Proper Mulching and Benefits of Mulch

Adding mulch is one of the best practices to improve the look and health of your trees. Learn More about proper mulching and the benefits it provides.

Support the Northland Arboretum

We donate $1 to the Northland Arboretum for every retail yard of colored landscape mulch purchased!

Winter Hours: 
Monday through Thursday 8am to 4pm
Friday 8am to 12pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday
Summer Hours:
Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm
Saturday 8am to 12pm
Closed Sunday

We are open for pick-up! Visit our location during the following business hours.

Organic Yard Waste Dropoff

Mike’s Tree Company offers organic yard waste drop off and disposal for homeowners. We accept leaves, grass clippings, straw, wood (no stumps), brush, clean fill, and more. Tipping fees will be charged.

Premium shredded mulch and soils for your landscape and garden. Available per cubic yard.

Natural Hardwood

Cubic Yard: $47.00

Scoop: $23.50

Barnwood Red

Cubic Yard: $57.00

Scoop: $28.50

Dark Walnut Brown

Cubic Yard: $57.00

Scoop: $28.50

Light Chestnut Brown

Cubic Yard: $57.00

Scoop: $28.50

Autumn Wheat

Cubic Yard: $57.00

Scoop: $28.50


Cubic Yard: $57.00

Scoop: $28.50

White Shredded Cedar

Cubic Yard: $47.00

Scoop: $23.50

Bulk Chips

Cubic Yard: $12.50

Scoop: $10.00

Black Dirt

Cubic Yard: $27.00

Scoop: $13.50


Per Bag: $61.00


** pricing doesn’t include tax

  • Delivery fee based on distance
  • 1 cubic yard of mulch weighs 400-800 lbs depending on moisture content
  • Mulch and dirt also sold in 1/2 yard bucket scoops
  • 1 cubic yard of dirt weighs approx. 2200 lbs., depending on moisture content.
Premium Shredded Mulch Cubic Yard
Natural Hardwood $47.00
Barnwood Red $57.00
Dark Walnut Brown $57.00
Light Chestnut Brown $57.00
Autumn Wheat (Gold) $57.00
Black $57.00
Warrior Blue (limited Supply) $73.00*
Bulk Chips $12.50
Black Dirt $27.00

* Price subject to change on Cedar. Variable upon market.

One yard spread at _____ will cover:

1 inch deep = 324 square feet
2 inches deep = 162 square feet
3 inches deep = 108 square feet
4 inches deep = 81 square feet
5 inches deep = 64 square feet
6 inches deep = 54 square feet

Cubic Yards 2″ 3″ 4″ 6″
1 162 108 81 54
2 324 216 162 108
3 486 324 243 162
4 648 432 324 216
5 810 540 405 270
6 972 648 486 324
7 1134 756 567 378
8 1296 864 648 432
9 1458 972 729 486
10 1620 1080 810 540
11 1782 1188 891 594
12 1944 1296 972 648
13 2106 1404 1053 702
14 2268 1512 1134 756
15 2430 1620 1215 810
16 2592 1728 1296 864
17 2754 1836 1377 918

Per Bag: $61.00

C20 – Feed Your Microbes with our soil builder.

C20 for turf, trees and shrubs provides a carbon food source in a prescriptive ratio for indigenous soil microbial populations to create a thriving, living and productive soil that promotes root health.  C20 is formulated with a specific carbon / nutrient ratio that provides the desired growth performance for turf grass, trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants growing in urban soils.

  • Increases Soil Microbial Activity
  • Decreases Soil Compaction
  • Increases Water Retention
  • Enhances Root Growth & Proliferation
  • Increases Chlorophyll Production
  • Increases Photosynthesis
  • Improves Survival Rate of New Plantings
  • Consistent Formulation
  • Predictable Results
  • Multi-Year Performance



Premium Mulch and Wood Chips

  • This is an extremely well ran company. They have high standards in service and safety.

    Seth Falk Mike's Tree Company customer
  • If your looking for true professionals, the guys at Mike's Tree Company are known for there experience, knowledge, and ability to provide proper and quality tree care needs!

    Ben Westlund Mike's Tree Company customer
  • We highly recommend Mikes Tree Company !! The service was amazing and all of the employees are top notch. They are the best do not waste your time calling anyone else. The prices were fantastic for the service they provided. They have the best equipment and experience to handle the project. Thanks Mikes for taking such great care of us.

    Tracy Karlson Mike's Tree Company customer

Call (218) 825-8207 or email info@mikestreecompany.com for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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