Spring has sprung, time to check Winter damage to your trees!

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Here in Minnesota we are all itching to get out and start enjoying our yards! It is also the time of year that we take a survey of the damage old man winter caused and start to prepare our yards for summer festivities. Here are a few key things our Tree Doctors suggest you watch for as we transition to warmer weather this Spring!


Flooding: Rapid snow melt in the spring can lead to the flooding of your tree roots. Flooding reduces the amount of oxygen supplied to the soil and roots and can lead to root death. Dying roots can lead to further stress and dieback in the tree. Trees with dying roots can become uprooted during high winds, not something you want to have as we head into storm season.  Flooding is something to look for in low lying areas of your yard.

Voles: Voles (also known as meadow mice) feed on the bark and roots of the tree underneath the snow all winter long. Their winter feeding can cause serious damage by robbing the tree of the nutrients and water it needs. With the deep snow we had this winter, you will want to be sure to check the base of your trees.

Sun Scald: This happens as things start to awaken from the deep freeze. During the day the sun heats up the trunk tissue from dormancy, then at night if the temp drops too quickly and the tissue freezes it may cause the tissues to die. Sun Scald will leave large vertical wounds on the south and southwest side of the tree, or the side exposed to the largest amount of direct sunlight.

Winter Burn: This is common for evergreens. Winter Burn is a result of low soil moisture along with freezing temps and strong wind and is apparent with brown foliage in the die off locations. You will want to be sure to watch the tree to see if it is able to recover. One way to treat your tree is with nutrient rich C20. If the tree is unable to recover, you will want to remove it from your property as soon as possible so it does not become a magnet for insects and diseases.

If you have questions- we can help! The Doctors are in!


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