Mike’s Tree Company, LLC.

Mike’s Tree Company, located in Brainerd Minnesota, has been providing the Brainerd Lakes Area with professional tree services and care since 1995, and we take great pride in our work ethic and image. Not only do we provide tree services, such as pruning and tree removal, we also take pride in being a leader in tree health care in the Brainerd Lakes area. It is our mission to educate people on proper tree care practices to ensure the life and vitality of area trees.


To provide our community with exceptional tree care and science-based services for the preservation of trees for generations to come.


To build a self-sustaining company that provides superior tree care services and creates a positive impact on our employees and our community. 

  1. Utilize our highly trained staff and state of the art of equipment to create a genuine customer experience by providing unsurpassed professional tree care services.
  2. Promote industry standards and best practices throughout all aspects of our work and promote a passion for the arboriculture industry.
  3. Be intentionally client focused by exceeding customer expectations, investing in our community, and becoming a leading resource for proper tree care practices in North Central Minnesota.

  1. We will provide an unmatched work environment that pushes for professional and personal success for each of our employees.
  2. We will invest in our communities by promoting professional arboriculture while educating clients, businesses, and our community on proper tree care.
  3.  We will operate and maintain a successful company that continues to support our non-profits, schools, and public service professionals.

Mike’s Tree Company Values

MTC strives to provide the highest quality of service to our clients. We recognize that being in a service-driven industry, customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

  • We will provide dependable and quality service promptly and efficiently.
  • We will ensure that the customer feels valued and heard.
  • We will exhibit patience with customers and co-workers, especially on the job site.
  • We will use industry best practices and state of the art equipment.
  • We will leave job sites better than when we arrived.

MTC will continually strive to improve upon job and workplace safety. While we adhere to common and mandatory workplace safety regulations, our goal is to continually be working towards excellence in our safety practices.

  • Consistently apply safety standards across our company.
  • Provide in-depth training and stay abreast of evolving safety standards.

MTC strives to be known as the local company you can trust, and we accomplish this through clear communication on pricing and services performed to our customers and transparency in policy to our employees.

  • We encourage open communication between management and coworkers but expect all employees to speak respectfully and appropriately.
  • We push for consistency in conduct from the top down in our company.

MTC strives to be community-focused by cultivating positive relations both within the company and within the Lakes Area.

  • We have a desire to see our employees grow in both their personal and their professional lives. It is our goal to provide employees with resources and opportunities to improve their quality of life through the betterment of their skills. Whether through on the job training or professional programs, MTC will continually work to improve the opportunities for our employees.
  • We desire to educate our community on proper tree care and become the Lakes Area leading resource on arboricultural practices.
  • MTC supports our non-profits, schools, and public service professionals through monetary means, educational outreach, and donated time and services.

MTC works to treat all personnel and customers with respect and requires all employees to do the same.

  • We will speak respectfully to all individuals regardless of rank, race, gender, or religion.
  • We acknowledge that disagreements may arise from time to time, but we will keep our tempers, attitudes, and tone in check.




Call (218) 825-8207 or email info@mikestreecompany.com for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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