Tree Cabling and Support Systems

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Cable and brace support systems are installed in trees to provide extra support by limiting the movement of weak branches, so they are less likely to fail during storms and extend their life. Our steel cable systems consist of extra high strength steel cable that is attached by bolts that are installed in the upper portions of the tree.

Bracing is the use of threaded steel rods to provide rigid support through weak branch unions or to strengthen areas of decay. This rigid support protects trees from twisting forces than can occur during high winds. Typically, bracing is used in combination with cabling.

Cable and brace support systems should only be installed after a thorough inspection by a Certified Arborist.  If the root system is not structurally sound, or if there is extensive decay, removal of the tree may be the safest option. Hazardous trees cannot be made safe with the use of cables. Before installing cable or brace support systems, the tree should be properly pruned to reduce the weight of the limbs being supported and to remove any hazardous limbs.

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