Pine tip blight

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Diplodia tip blight is a common disease of Norway pines in the Brainerd Lakes area. This disease is more severe on Norway pines that are stressed due to improper planting, soil compaction, and drought. Diplodia tip blight kills needles at the tips of branches, usually starting on the lower half of the tree and moves upward. Each year, as the disease progresses, shoots begin to die leading to whole branches dying back to the trunk. Year after year of infection can lead to the slow decline and death of entire trees.Diplodia tip blight  branches

The fungal spores that cause this disease are contained on infected needles, bark, and cones. As the needles are expanding in late spring, these spores are carried with the wind and splashing rain to infect new needles. After the needles have fully emerged, they are no longer susceptible to infection. It is during this infection period that the new needles should be protected with fungicides to prevent further infection.

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